Some Inspirational Words

Sometimes life throws at you the greatest of struggles. At that moment you’re faced with two choices. You either take on that struggle as a challenge and you look at it as an opportunity or you can believe that the world’s against you and feel sorry for yourself. Oftentimes it’s hard taking the high road. There are lessons you don’t want to learn but have to, choices you don’t want to make but have to and people that you don’t want to let go but have to. Life is just this long process of making mistakes and learning. Failing at one task only makes you more determined to succeed in your next endeavor. I’ve been through hardships in the past and have had to deal with several difficult situations and after most of these I can’t say that I’ve always come out a stronger, better person. But I was definitely someone wiser and more determined. So that is basically the epiphany that I had come to during my lunch break at work today. Nothing out the ordinary that really inspired me to become so enlightened. Just because I guess. And don’t they say that writing your thoughts down somewhere is supposed to help with keeping your mind at ease? I don’t know. I guess that’s it for now. Until my next epiphanic moment.


Lets break Da Rulez!

When I read an excerpt of James Joyce’s Finnigan’s  Wake I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between his writing and writing of a six year old just learning how to write. Most of the words would be completely made up, others would look similar to actual English words but have been altered, some borrowed from Old English and some of the words are just a bunch of words without any spaces between them. It was totally unconventional and I’ll admit it took me some persistence to actually go through the whole page.

It made me wonder whether I was supposed appreciate his originality and creativity or scoff or even do both. Reading Joyce’s work made me really think about the way an author can actually transform a piece of writing and make it truly theirs-even going to the lengths of making up words. So….what does it take for people to accept your writing? I mean it’s easy to write something down, claim to have included a bunch of creative choices and expect to get attention as a renowned writer. So, I would like to know how and what it takes for your work to get attention- even for something as bizarre as Joyce’s writing. How do you accepted by the writing community? Do you get rewarded for breaking conventionality or is it a struggle for people to actually understand your work? What degree do writers actually conform to convention? I mean at the end of the day, they do want to get published.

I would like to actually know how James Joyce’s career got started, how he got published and his first response after publishing his work and his ultimate fame. I want to research and investigate how writers break convention and how some still conform. Then at the end, I actually want to write a piece where I break convention and make my own artistic choice as a writer and see how people react to that.